Targi dziecięce Kraków ŁAŁ09.12.2015

Świąteczna edycja targów mody i akcesoriów dziecięcych Kraków ŁAŁ tuż, tuż. Zapraszamy w najbliższą sobotę do Forum Przestrzenie. Do zobaczenia!
Targi dziecięce Kraków ŁAŁ
Kraków ŁAŁ

Kraków ŁAŁ24.09.2015

Zapraszamy na kolejną edycję targów mody, akcesoriów i zabawek dziecięcych "Kraków ŁAŁ". Już w najbliższą sobotę w FORUM Przestrzenie w godzinach 11:00 - 18:00. Do zobaczenia!

Summer sale23.07.2015

20% off all spring/summer collection - shop now!
Summer sale
Media about us

Media about us07.07.2015

Good design can be "down-to-earth", the thing about designing socks. Innowacyjny start, №03/2015.


Design-Business-Cracow Trade Fair - 22/23 May 2015 - Cracow University of Economics/ Sports & Teaching Complex. We hope to see you there!
We support young talent

We support young talent15.05.2015

We are very pleased that we are among those who support and appreciate the talent, commitment and enthusiasm of participants of the 2nd Preschool Artistic Review. Congratulations for all kids! May all of your dreams come true!

Online Shop06.03.2015

We are very excited to announce that our online shop is now open.
Online Shop


High above the world of “Cars” here comes “Planes” – an action-packed cartoon about Dusty – a high-flying and determined crop-dusting plane who dreams about participating in the largest air race in history. However, he is facing several considerable obstacles along the way – Dusty is not a sports plane and is afraid of heights. Thanks to the support of his friends, Dusty gets to do things he could earlier only dream about, proving that courage and resolve can get you to the top, no matter how far away it is. Watch the film and buy the new collection of socks and tights featuring characters from “Planes”

Monster High13.07.2013

One of the most popular films from the Disney/Pixar studio – “Monster Inc.” – returns to the big screen this year, this time as “Monsters University”. The classic Oscar-winning production tells the story of James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, best friends who work in the largest fear factory. They are inseparable, but it has not always been like this. When they were both studying at university, they could hardly be called friends. In fact, they could not stand each other from the very first moment they met. “Monsters University” is a film about the early years of the two likeable monsters, who become best friends after many years of mischief and pranks. Watch the film and buy the new collection of socks and tights with characters from “Monsters University”
Monster High