About us

We are a hosiery producer and exporter based in Krakow, Poland and actively operating on the European market since 1994.

We specialise in the production of socks, knee-length socks and tights for infants, children, men and women. We offer a diverse range of designs and colours, tapping into the latest colour and design trends in fashion around the world.

We are proud to be a reputable company which has successfully passed prestigious technical and ethical audits.

As the only hosiery producer on the Polish market we hold an exclusive license from Walt Disney.

Our efficient and effective management system, vast experience on the market and in-depth knowledge of our industry enable us to constantly implement new technologies, enhance the quality of our products and extend the scope of our services and capacities.

The professionalism of our staff at every stage of the manufacturing process guarantees the top quality of the products. The diversity of designs and custom-made patterns made to meet the needs of individual customers makes it possible for everyone to choose products according to their individual preferences.

KREBO’s offer also includes a professional collection of profiled terrycloth sports socks, as well as skiing socks for people practicing sports.